Affiliation & Association


XSEED is a complete school solution focused on better teaching and better learning, building clear concepts, fluency in English and superior outcomes. XSEED had been designed by education experts from Harvard, Cambridge, IIM and IIT.

XSEED seamlessly integrates the requirements of CBSE in India and abroad with a practical teaching improvement methodology. It has been built along the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). Research shows that XSEED delivers significantly higher learning and understanding amongst children versus regular teaching; both on recall and higher-order application questions

Jaspal Rana Shooting Academy


Under the guidance of Ace Shooter Jaspal Rana and his team, the school produces the shooters of tomorrow.



The school has collaborated with UANA (Uttaranchal Association of North Americans)  the American Organizations to conduct the training and development programs for students and teachers.

Motto & Insignia


The Sun Represents the light and Symbolizes selfless service. Likewise the school stands for knowledge and service to the society. Water and education are universal cleansers, while water cleanses dirt and grime, education cleanses ignorance. The trophy with fylfot symbolizes the reward that comes with everything that is best, positive and hopeful in creation.It represents the light of selfless service. The open book symbolizes an open mind to adapt new ideas.