We at Fylfot believe in ensuring that we create a right balance between Academics and Co-curricular activities.


The students are taught in a meaningful learning environment. The teachers have immediately at hand a plenty of interest-generating teaching aids, ranging from maps, charts and illustrations to computer software, books and models. The classrooms are equipped with smart learn software and hardware, where learning is made interesting. 

This has resulted in our students excelling in various state and national level examinations. In a short span of 6 years we have been recognized as a school with a difference.

remedial-classes1Remedial Classes 

Students weak in studies are given remedial coaching after or before school hours. These classes are conducted by subject teachers everyday who devote extra and quality time to discuss and solve children’s problems individually.  The progress of each student is monitored and the report is prepared to communicate with the parents on regular basis.


The school has a highly qualified, trained and committed teaching staff that constantly endeavors to motivate and guide pupils to draw out the best in them. Their competence is constantly enhanced through regular exposure to workshops and seminars on recent teaching technology and pedagogical advancement. 

Co-curricular Activities

FylfotPublic School believes in giving the students the right platform coupled with excellent facilities to bolster the students mind. We organize various Intra and InterSchool events like Debate Competition, Recitation, Essay writing, Story writing. Apart from this various grooming activities are conducted regularly.

Life skills:

Children don't naturally know how to make good choices. Life skills help children know what to do in everyday situations as well as how to make good decisions about more abstract, long-term choices. We work with our children to teach them life skills, we prepare them to manage peer pressure and make good decisions as they grow into adulthood.


A healthy mind in a healthy body” is the motto followed by the school. In keeping this motto the school encourages its students to actively take up sports, indoor as well as outdoor and provides them the necessary infrastructure for basketball, volleyball hockey, badminton, chess, athletics, shooting, etc. In shooting, our students are known, to have reached the state as well as the National level.

danceMusic and Dance

Music is the essence of life and dance a form of expressing one’s innermost feelings and emotions. Students are given exposure to Indian as well as western music and also Indian classical as well as folk dances by helping them develop their talents and to display them at the inter house, inter school and district level competitions. The focus is not just on learning but also on creativity.

artsCreative Arts

A syllabus has been planned so that children from the primary section onward learn to appreciate the art. They are exposed to Theatre and music. Same ways students are taught arts and paintings so that the children learn to appreciate the arts.

creative-writingCreative Writing

FylfotPublic School believes every child has a story trying to come out of their free minds.  The school provides creative writing classes that offer the children an opportunity to share their love of language and stories and to hone their own writing and storytelling skills. The children go through an imaginative learning experience and create something magical.

Pottery & Clay Modeling

The students are taught the holistic process from preparing the clay for modeling to getting the desired result with or without using the potter's wheel to the art of drying the models in the sun and in the oven. The children remain active during the whole year except winters. They display their models during the Founder’s Day celebration and prizes are given away to the best models. 

Social Responsibility Program

One of the most notable efforts of the Fylfot is to undertake different ventures in the service of the less privileged with the noble objective that the students should experience the lives of the needy, empathize with them so that they may later dedicate themselves to the service of society. The students have done great service through various activities like visiting the slum areas, educating them and distributing food and clothes.

plantation-programmePlantation Program

Every Year the Plantation Program from class I onwards is organized. Students with Chief Coordinator and some escort teachers plant the saplings in different areas of Dehradun with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

During their program the children are indulged in a variety of activities including a survey, poster making and awareness program. The successful completion of the program at the end fills everyone with a feeling of satisfaction and pride.

achievementsAdventurous Tours

To enhance a sense of environmental awareness, self-esteem and comradeship the adventure activities are conducted which included Mountaineering, Para- sailing, flying fox, horse riding, rock climbing rappelling, trekking and rope courses. Every year children visit the most fascinating sights of India.

Motto & Insignia


The Sun Represents the light and Symbolizes selfless service. Likewise the school stands for knowledge and service to the society. Water and education are universal cleansers, while water cleanses dirt and grime, education cleanses ignorance. The trophy with fylfot symbolizes the reward that comes with everything that is best, positive and hopeful in creation.It represents the light of selfless service. The open book symbolizes an open mind to adapt new ideas.