We at Fylfot believe in ensuring that we create a right balance between Academics and Co-curricular activities. Our teachers over the years have ensured that the students are explained the concept in detail with the help of various teaching aid's like Smart Classes, Interactive Learning, Flexible Curriculum, Guest Lectures, Counseling sessions etc. This has resulted in our students excelling in various state and national level examinations. In a short span of 6 years we have been recognized as a school with a difference.

Motto & Insignia


The Sun Represents the light and Symbolizes selfless service. Likewise the school stands for knowledge and service to the society. Water and education are universal cleansers, while water cleanses dirt and grime, education cleanses ignorance. The trophy with fylfot symbolizes the reward that comes with everything that is best, positive and hopeful in creation.It represents the light of selfless service. The open book symbolizes an open mind to adapt new ideas.