Fee Payment Notice

  1. Fee is payable at Bank of India, Haridwar Road Branch Dehradun.
  2. All fees receipt should be kept for occasional references, oral explanation will not be considered.
  3. Parents are requested to pay school fee only in cash (cheque not accepted) by 10th of the due month, on failing which a fine of Rs. 50 will be charged up to 15th of that month after 15th till the end of the month fee counter shall be dosed. Next month 100 Rs. fine will be applicable.
  4. Default in payment of fees for more than two months shall result in automatic deletion of pupils name from the school rolls. He/She may be readmitted on payment of the readmission charges amounting Rs. 2000.
  5. If the monthly fee or Annual fee is partially paid, or not paid on due time Rs 100 per month will be charged as fine till the full fee is paid . i.e if the annual fee payable in the month of April is paid in May, the amount will be 1400 +100= 1500, or July, the amount will be 1400 + 300 = 1700.
  6. In December, two month's fee (i.e Dec, Jan) shall be paid . If fee for the month of January is not paid at that time or is paid in Jan , fine of Rs 100 will be charged . Same will be applicable for the fees of Feb & March
  7. If the fees for February and March is not paid in due time, the student shall not be allowed to take the annual examinations.
  8. Tuition fee will be charged for twelve months of the academic year i.e. from March to April. Transport charges are payable for eleven months.
  9. Fee once paid is not refundable in any case.


  1. Day scholars - if a child wants to withdraw, the application should be made to school by the end of February, Otherwise fees will become payable up to June.
  2. Any student rejoining the school in April and wants to withdraw, fee will become payable up to December to compensate the school for loss because the seat remains vacant for whole of the academic year.
  3. No transfer and other certificates will be issued before all the school dues are fully cleared. Motorised vehicles are not allowed in any case the school shall not take any responsibility for any misshapenness. No parking for motorised vehicles is given within the school campus.