About Us

Mission and Vision

We at Fylfot Public School strive to be the most admired center of world-class education, welcoming children to attain excellence in academics, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health and social consciousness. The School aims to provide citizen with an all-round personality and sound ethical values, fully equipped with knowledge and intelligence to march out into the world, ready to achieve new heights and explore new vistas in life. The emphasis is on imparting education aimed at forming a character based on discipline, self-reliance and moral integrity. The school is truly secular in nature, with no emphasis on any one religion but with exposure to and respect for all religions. We consider it a privilege to accompany each child as they embark on the path of growth and exploration.

Motto & Insignia


The Sun Represents the light and Symbolizes selfless service. Likewise the school stands for knowledge and service to the society. Water and education are universal cleansers, while water cleanses dirt and grime, education cleanses ignorance. The trophy with fylfot symbolizes the reward that comes with everything that is best, positive and hopeful in creation.It represents the light of selfless service. The open book symbolizes an open mind to adapt new ideas.