1. The school expects the students to be in a disciplined and dignified manner both in and out of the school. Any act of disrespectful, disobedient, undignified or indecent behaviour will call for a strict punishment that may include expulsion from the school.
  2. No student is allowed to bring mobile phones in to the school If any student is found in the possession of a moblile phone, the mobile will be confiscated and a suitable punishment will be awarded. Repetition of the offence will lead to expulsion from the school.
  3. No student is allowed the use and possession of alcohol, tobacco for smoking or chewing, pan-masala betel leaf or any from of intoxicant. Violation will lead to expulsion from the school.
  4. Student are not allowed to bring in to the school any valuable articles or cash beyond their daily requirement. The school will not be responsible for loss of any expensive item.
  5. The school expects the students to take care of the school property. Any damage or loss to school property will have to be paid for by the student responsible for itj
  6. The turnout in school uniform must be neat and tidy for different occassion or activities. Parents of up to V class should be extra careful about their ward's school uniform and over all turnout of the child.
  7. Attendance on the closing and re opening day after the vacation or a break is absolutely essential. Failure to do so will lead to a servere punishment.
  8. Forging the signature of parents on leave and other applications and forging of signature of the sChool authorities and teachers on any document will lead to immediate expulsion of the student from the school.
  9. Students are to attend all the activities or functions for which they are required by the school, before or after the school or even on Sunday and holidays. Parents will be required to make the necessary transport and other arrangements for their wards. Parents should appreciate this extra effort from our side which will lead to brighter future of their wards.

Use of Unfair Means

Any kind of unfair means used in any form in examinations, homework, project work, getting home or class work done by others lead to immediate expulsion from the school.

Progress & Promotion

Being a CBSE school, we follow the best method of CCE-Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation which goes on the whole year along with Co-Curricular activities. The students are expected to devote themselves whole hearted to their studies.