School's Rules

  1. Parents are advised to read and sign their wards diary everyday as it is a very important communication link between them and the school.
  2. The school homework which includes written and learning is given to the students. Parents have to see that they revise # * ILl and learn on day to day basis.
  3. Parents have to check the dairy everyday and see the notes given to the child.   

Leave Rules

  1. Leave is strictly a matter of privilege, not of right.
  2. Students are required to put in above 95% attendance every year.
  3. Parents are requested to ask for leave for their child only in the most unavoidable circumstances. Parents must plan their social and other engagement keeping in view the academic interest of their child. The leave application should come from the parents with duly signed.
  4. All leave must be applied well in advance i.e. three days. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the application must be submitted on the day thestudent returns to the school. In case the student does not do so he/she will be sent home to come back to the school with application.
  5. Leave on health grounds for the three or more days should be accompanied by medical certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  6. Absence from Examination/Test may result in failing, except in case of serious illness for which a Medical Certificate must be submitted from a Govt. Medical Officer/
  7. Absence without leave for five days or more will automatically lead to student's name being struck off the rolls of the school . Readmission, if granted, will be treated as a case of new admission.
  8. Leave for outstation, marriages is allowed only in case of real brothers and sisters for three days only excluding journey time.
  9. Parents are requested to avoid taking Half - day or Part of day leave.