About Us

About Us

Fylfot Public School the new age Gurukul is a Day cum Day-Boarding School. It offers English medium, secular, co-educational education from class Nursery to XII. The school has been granted CBSE Affiliation from the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The School strives to provide high quality education, through a balanced curriculum and a high standard of teaching. It ensures that through its curriculum an all round personality with high moral and values is ready to serve the society. Fylfot Public school gives stress on discovering the strengths and talent of the children, and guides them in their aspiration for excellence. Excellence here means not only excellence in academics but also as an excellent person with human virtues. It lays emphasis on character building and instills the qualities of initiative, drive and leadership amongst students through diversified activities in order to enable them to fit effectively into any walk of life. Fylfot gives well rounded education that values and supports the intellectual, creative, physical as well as emotional needs of the child.

Motto & Insignia


The Sun Represents the light and Symbolizes selfless service. Likewise the school stands for knowledge and service to the society. Water and education are universal cleansers, while water cleanses dirt and grime, education cleanses ignorance. The trophy with fylfot symbolizes the reward that comes with everything that is best, positive and hopeful in creation.It represents the light of selfless service. The open book symbolizes an open mind to adapt new ideas.